Direct Mail

Direct mail emerges as power channel in the digital age

Combining physicality, data and connectivity is like lightning in a bottle Direct mail is enjoying a renaissance with the nation’s brightest marketing minds, as new neuromarketing research extols the product’s virtues. Canada’s leading marketers actually view direct mail as a triple threat: It is effective on its own, it’s persuasive …


Email Marketing

Six habits to revamp your email strategy

  Email opens the door to effective marketing. Over 205 billion emails are sent out every day. Some 72% of U.S. adults say they prefer companies communicate with them through email, while 91% say they’d like to receive promotional emails from the companies they do business with. And nearly three-quarters …



Customers Sitting on $16 Billion of Unredeemed Loyalty Points

New Bond Brand Loyalty study shows consumers are evaluating their loyalty program experience on elements far beyond the dividend and rewards. Members who find their loyalty program to be enjoyable are 11 times more likely to be satisfied, yet only 18% feel this way. TORONTO and NEW YORK — Bond Brand …


Data Analytics

From mass media to targeted distribution

How analytics helped Yellow Pages optimize its products and distribution strategy Like many of its 240,000 small business customers across Canada, Yellow Pages (YP) has been challenged by the digital age. While many consumers and advertisers are embracing online search and social media, traditional print media remains an important component …



Top 15 digital fundraising learnings from Digital Leap 2017

  Focus on digital marketing maturing for Canadian non-profits as experience grows TORONTO — Digital Leap 2017, the eighth annual digital fundraising and marketing conference hosted by Stephen Thomas Ltd (ST) and, concluded its most-well-attended session yet yesterday at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Over 150 non-profit marketers and fundraisers …



Canadians retailers have evolved from being disrupted to becoming disruptors: PwC report

TORONTO — The Canadian retail ecosystem has gone from disrupted to disruptor, according to PwC’s The new retail ecosystem: From disrupted to disruptor report. As the pace of digital change continues to accelerate, reinvention has become a necessity. Be it online retail, ride-sharing services or streaming services, disruptors have already begun …


Mobile Marketing

Two tweaks that will win mobile consumers

The buyer’s journey has become quite complicated as consumers jump from device to device throughout the day. Marketers are looking for new ways to reach consumers where they are—mobile or desktop—and for more opportunities to engage. In an effort to reach consumers where they are, marketers build a complex mix …


Mailing Logistics

“I wish I’d known that before!” How engaging your mail service provider can help you save big

Those of us that work with Canada Post products on a daily basis are acutely aware of how some people spend far more on postage than they need to and/or do not take advantage of opportunities that could boost sales. As most mail service providers can tell you, it is …