Yahoo’s Year In Review Highlights Canadians’ Top Searches in 2015

Today, Yahoo Canada has announced the results from its annual Year in Review, a look at the top stories, people, and trends that captivated millions of Yahoo users in Canada in 2015.

The much-anticipated top searches on Yahoo Canada ( include results across key categories, including news, finance, controversies, science, sports, diets, public figures, and most often-asked questions.

“Our Year In Review reflects an entire year’s worth of Yahoo Search queries happening every second of every day across Canada,” said Claude Galipeau, Country Manager, Yahoo Canada. “Millions of people come to Yahoo Canada to search for information on the biggest stories, and our editors are experts in sifting through searches for trend-spotting, forecasting projections, and big-picture analysis. From the Toronto Blue Jays, to all things Trudeau, Yahoo Canada’s Year In Review 2015 highlights the top stories and trends based on what millions of people search for online.”

Yahoo Canada top searches 2015
Toronto Blue Jays
Canadian Dollar
The Kardashians
Pan Am Games
Justin Bieber
Caitlyn Jenner
Kate Middleton
Justin Trudeau
Game of Thrones

Yahoo Canada top news searches 2015
Migrant crisis
Charlie Hebdo
Elections Canada
Royal baby
China explosion
Paris attack
OVO shooting
Omar Khadr

Yahoo Canada top finance searches 2015
Canadian Dollar
Future Shop closing
Target liquidation sales
Amanda Lang
Uber car service
Tim Hortons layoffs

Yahoo Canada top controversies/scandals 2015
Duggar family
Ashley Madison hack
Bill Cosby
Tom Brady
Mike Duffy
Cecil the Lion
Jared Fogle
Leslie Roberts
Rachel Dolezal

Yahoo Canada top weather/science 2015
Hurricane Joaquin
Hurricane Danny
Blizzard of 2015
B.C. storm
Blood moon
Asteroid 2004 BL86
Lunar eclipse
Earthquake swarm
Manitou tornado
El Nino

Yahoo Canada top sports moments 2015
Toronto Blue Jays
Pan Am Games
Tom Brady Deflate-gate
Patrick Kane controversy
Eugenie Bouchard
Junior Hockey gold 2015
Connor McDavid NHL draft
Phil Kessel trade
P.K. Subban donation

Yahoo Canada top diets 2015
21 Day Fix
Paleo diet
Military diet
Cabbage soup diet
Mediterranean diet
Atkins diet
DASH diet
Gluten-free diet
TLC diet

Yahoo Canada public figures who died in 2015
Bobbi Kristina Brown
Chris Hyndman
Omar Sharif
Ken Taylor
Leonard Nimoy
Moses Malone
Toller Cranston
Amanda Peterson
Christopher Lee
Alasdair Graham

Yahoo Canada top Trudeau-related searches in 2015
Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau
Trudeau wedding
How old is Justin?
Michel Trudeau funeral
Alexandre Trudeau
Ella-Grace, Xavier, Hadrien
Margaret Trudeau photos
How old was Pierre Trudeau when he became PM?
Trudeau acceptance speech
Trudeau tattoo

Yahoo Canada top questions Canadians asked us
How to tie a tie
How to lose weight
What is my IP address?
How to get rid of fruit flies
How to draw
How to lose belly fat
How to cook a turkey
How old is Canada?
How much water to drink daily
Who unfollowed me on Instagram?

About the Yahoo Year in Review Methodology
To develop the Yahoo Year In Review, our editors analyzed Yahoo Search queries based on a number of factors, including volume and growth from previous periods, to identify themes and deliver insights. Search queries are anonymized before they are assessed to protect users’ privacy.   

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