TORONTO, ON–A new study shows that ads played in cinemas are virtually unmissable, surpassing all other video platforms.

The entire audience not only viewed the ads, but also paid an average of 80 percent active attention to advertising content on the big screen, regardless of ad length.

This is part of the first ever Canadian cinema advertising attention study conducted by Lumen, the global attention technology company, in partnership with Cineplex Media.

Marketers and advertisers are becoming increasingly conscious of the challenges in capturing an audience’s attention due to online information overload. Advertisers are estimated to have wasted $6 billion in digital ad spend last year on poorly placed ads or made-for-advertising websites, so movies might just be the best ad market in town.

While Lumen has demonstrated that only 30 percent of digital ads are even seen in the first place, the study shows that the case is different for cinema.

• Cinema ads capture and hold the attention of consumers, ranking #1 in attention paid to advertising with attention scores 2-5X higher than linear and CTV and up to 9X higher than digital video channels.

• Study results demonstrate an average brand recall of 75 percent, with audiences being 35 percent more likely to choose brands as a result of exposure in cinema.

“Our work with Cineplex proves that the Canadian movie theater market offers a powerful opportunity for advertisers who are adapting to the latest trends,” said Mike Follett, CEO of Lumen. “This in-depth report is a valuable resource in showcasing just how much attention in-cinema advertising captures.”

Vanessa Benfield, SVP of Cineplex Media Sales and Marketing Solutions added, “Attention is becoming the dominant metric of success in media planning across the globe. Our research with Lumen underscores the significance of cinema’s unbeatable high-attention environment in driving better outcomes for Canadian brands and marketers. With proven unparalleled viewing and attention, advertisers can confidently and consistently rely on cinema as a key foundational element of their media plans to ensure messaging is seen, remembered, and acted on.”

The study was conducted among English and French-speaking audiences. Infrared cameras and eye-tracking technology captured pupil and body movements in the darkened cinema environment to accurately determine attention paid to the on-screen ads.

In addition to unmatched viewing, the study found the attention score is maintained regardless of the ad length, age group or preferred speaking language, proving cinema is the leading platform for ad consideration. With greater attention paid to ads comes greater ad impact, increased brand recall, and increased brand choice post viewing.

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