Bumble Launches New Kindness Campaign with Actor Adam DiMarco

TORONTO, ON–Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app, launched a global campaign titled Kindness is Sexy featuring new content with Canadian actor Adam DiMarco.

The partnership comes at a time when nationwide, singles are more focused on kindness as a key element of their dating decisions. According to Bumble’s latest consumer survey, a majority (69%) of respondents in Canada agree that being kind is more important than physical attributes in a potential partner, with honesty (59%) and respect (45%) being the top two attributes Canadian daters value the most when choosing a partner.

  • In Canada overall, 69% of those surveyed agree that being kind is more important than physical attributes in a potential partner
    • 74% of women and 70% of Millennials surveyed agree with this sentiment
  • 69% of men surveyed in Canada agree they are more attracted to someone who is kind
  • In Canada, 63% of women agree that displaying kindness not only through interaction, but in the way that they treat others (service staff, friends etc.) is a green flag while dating
  • Also, 71% of women respondents agree that being rude to service staff is red flag while dating
    • Being rude to wait staff was the number one red flag for the Gen-Zers and Millennial respondents in Canada.
  • More than half of Canadian respondents (58%) said receiving a compliment from a potential romantic interest makes me more attracted to the person
    • 68% of women also said that they would rather receive a compliment on their intelligence, humor, energy or charisma than appearance
  • 70% women respondents agree that giving a compliment is a good conversation starter
  • 60% of Gen Z respondents say receiving a compliment from a potential romantic partner makes me more attracted to them.
  • 62% of Canadians surveyed agree that receiving a compliment can turn their whole day around and 68% stated compliments put them in a good mood

The video embodies this sentiment as it follows DiMarco (left) throughout his day as he interacts with strangers through various acts of kindness, catching the eyes of those around him for going the extra mile to lend a hand or give a compliment. These acts reinforce that kindness is one of the most attractive qualities in a person. Additionally, more than half (66%) of Gen Z respondents said that kindness is more important than looks when choosing a potential partner. Also, the majority of the Canadians surveyed (58%) said that receiving a compliment from a potential romantic interest makes them more attracted to the person.

“I am excited to team up with Bumble and be part of a project driven by kindness,” said Adam DiMarco. “It’s a great opportunity to change the narrative and show what a more positive portrayal of masculinity looks like, and reminds us that kindness is actually the most attractive quality in a person.”

“When we approach dating with kindness, we help create an environment of respect and compassion, and for connections to grow,“ said Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and CEO of Bumble. “Kindness is a core value here at Bumble, and we know it is the driving force behind our mission of creating healthy and equitable relationships. This new content helps redefine the idea of attraction and encourages us to never lose sight of the most valuable traits in a relationship.”

According to Bumble’s insights, an overwhelming 63% of women surveyed agree that displaying kindness in the way that they treat others is the number one green flag while dating. Additionally, for almost half of the women surveyed in Canada (46%), receiving compliments on their personality (intelligence, humor, energy, charisma, etc.) rather than their appearance is another major green flag.

To highlight that kindness matters on Bumble, the app recently rolled out Compliments, a message before match feature that allows Bumble’s community to be even more intentional about starting the conversation in a positive way.

*Data from a survey commissioned by Bumble of 1,007 Canadian respondents 18+ in April 2023.
**Data from a survey commissioned by Bumble of 8,682 global respondents 18+ in May 2023.

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