TORONTO, ON–Mintel, the expert in what consumers want and why, has launched Mintel Global Consumer – a new innovative research tool allowing brand owners, marketers and suppliers to quickly understand and compare consumer attitudes and behaviours across the world’s 35 leading consumer markets.

The bi-annual survey of 35,000 people offers brands a rich source of information about what drives consumers and influences their choices for food, drink, beauty, personal and household care – across the markets that generate 85% of global GDP.

Mintel Global Consumer can help businesses grow domestically and internationally by helping them understand consumer behaviour, sentiment and demographics across the world.

Julie Lizer, Mintel Global President of Research and Insights, said: “Mintel Global Consumer is an incredibly powerful innovation – empowering our clients to understand what consumers want and why in the 35 most important consumer markets. It gives them the dual ability of big picture comparisons on a global scale, while also enabling them to understand what makes consumers different from market to market.

“Whether brands want to expand internationally or strengthen their core market positions, Mintel Global Consumer will keep them ahead of the curve. Our new research tool can help companies break into new territories by understanding what drives consumer behaviour in a specific market, while also enhancing their knowledge of which global trends can be applied to their local market.

“By utilizing the tool’s demographic capabilities, brands, marketers and suppliers can also more effectively understand key consumer groups and so create segmentation strategies to target them with greater accuracy.”

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