NATICK, MA- Cognex Corporation, the leader in industrial machine vision, introduced the 380 Modular Vision Tunnel, a new addition to the Modular Vision Tunnel portfolio, featuring the powerful DataMan® 380 barcode reader.

The 380 Modular Vision Tunnel offers high throughput and traceability thanks to the combination of the high-performing DataMan 380 barcode reader and the robust system architecture of a Cognex tunnel solution.

The 380 Modular Vision Tunnel is the most cutting-edge and flexible tunnel design to come from Cognex to date

“The 380 Modular Vision Tunnel makes it possible to scale automation anywhere in the warehouse,” said Carl Gerst, Executive Vice President of Vision and ID Products. “The speed, power, and AI-assisted decoding of the DataMan 380 ensure that scanning applications are as efficient and accurate as possible. The 380 Modular Vision Tunnel is the most cutting-edge and flexible tunnel design to come from Cognex to date.”

With the DataMan 380, Cognex’s widest field of view barcode reader, the 380 Modular Vision Tunnel offers a robust tunnel solution that can be tailored to each customer application while offering room to scale operations. Designed to minimize footprint, maximize depth of field, and read the smallest codes, the 380 Modular Vision Tunnel achieves a >99% read rate with as few as four readers per tunnel.

“We’re working on a scan tunnel for a client and adopting the new Cognex series of readers, the DataMan 380. We think they’re really cool because they have a very large depth of field and field of view. It basically includes everything you could ever want,” said Patrick Bradford, Product Development Manager at StreamTech Engineering. “In the past, this has seemed unachievable because typically you’d need between seven and nine cameras and when they have read issues, it’s hard to pinpoint, hard to set up, and hard to figure out which is underperforming. One camera per side of the box is fantastic, so we’re keen to adopt this early on.”

The 380 Modular Vision Tunnel is supported with real-time data and performance analytics from Cognex’s Edge Intelligence Tunnel Manager, giving customers the ability to collect, aggregate, and analyze data from multiple devices simultaneously for insights into tunnel performance, vendor compliance, and more.

Each Modular Vision Tunnel comes with enhanced support options, or Customer Success Plans, to ensure maximum performance and time to value.

Cognex Corporation (“the Company” or “Cognex”) invents and commercializes technologies that address some of the most critical manufacturing and distribution challenges. We are a leading global provider of machine vision products and solutions that improve efficiency and quality in high-growth-potential businesses across attractive industrial end markets. Our solutions blend physical products and software to capture and analyze visual information, allowing for the automation of manufacturing and distribution tasks for customers worldwide.

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