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New research reveals significant disconnect between what’s needed to achieve consumer attention and the actual evidence

AcuityAds Comprehensive Study on the State of Audience Attention to Digital Advertising Has Surprises TORONTO–AcuityAds, a technology leader that provides targeted digital media solutions by leveraging its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enable advertisers to connect intelligently with audiences across digital advertising campaigns, today announced the release of a …

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Consumers’ digital habits, expectations driving real change in retail, but retailers in Canada slow to adapt

Canadian retailers stepping up to disruption, but feeling the pressure TORONTO–Widespread disruption from technology, shifting consumer behaviours and preferences across demographic groups, and changing economic impact continue to radically transform retail in Canada, says KPMG’s Willy Kruh, Consumer and Retail National Leader, High Growth Markets, KPMG in Canada and Global …

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Canadian, global organizations taking blockchain seriously

Blockchain adoption is on the rise globally as useful applications come into view TORONTO–The fog around blockchain is beginning to lift as an increasing number of organizations, both in Canada and around world, are leveraging distributed ledger technology (DLT) to provide faster and more secure transactions, streamline and automate back-office …

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The Big Shift: The old brand-building model is dead

The Big Shift: The old brand-building model is dead. A next generation planning model must start with what the customer wants: and that will take a big shift to get right By Stephen Shaw “Because I think it may be of some help to you in putting through our recommendation for …

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Deloitte report finds Canadian businesses don’t understand or trust AI

AI adoption among Canadian businesses stagnant: Only 16 per cent of companies use AI, which remains unchanged since 2014; Deloitte report finds Canadian consumers and businesses don’t understand or trust AI TORONTO–Canada is rapidly falling behind other countries in artificial intelligence (AI) adoption and demand, which is putting Canadian talent and …

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Digital Reverting to Direct? ‘Outcome-Driven Media’ Surges as Digital Media Results More Difficult

New Survey Reveals Majority of North American Marketers Plan Increase in ‘Outcome-Driven Media’ as Evaluating Effectiveness of Digital Media Investments Becomes More Difficult Over the Past Five Years Findings show large majority of digital marketers are using at least one custom KPI easily linking digital media spend with measurable business …

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Poll reveals what clothing Canadians are purchasing online vs. in-store

Canadians Prefer Shopping Online for Clothing and Accessories TORONTO– Whether a shopper’s favourite season is winter, spring, summer or fall, stocking their wardrobe to keep up with Canada’s ever-changing weather conditions can be a costly feat. According to a recent poll, 50 per cent of Canadians cite summer as …

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Cyber Monday emails sent day-of drive higher conversions despite spike in email volume

Data: Cyber Monday Emails Generate Highest Average Conversion Rate among All Holiday-themed Messages Cyber Monday emails sent in 2017 generated the highest average conversion rates (purchase per click) among all holiday emails (9.8 percent), confirming Cyber Monday’s significant potential as a purchase driver. In its 2018 Holiday Marketing Guide, ( …

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Data: More than half of consumers ignore retailer emails

Many marketing emails are ignored even though nearly half of consumers rank email as their preferred channel for marketing communications Despite 47 percent of consumers ranking email as their preferred channel for brand communications, over half (55 percent) ignore marketing emails due to inbox overload, according to a new study …

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Canadian marketers not keeping pace with disruption, according to study

Traditional tactics prove hard to abandon despite a radically altered environment TORONTO–New research shows that Canadian marketers have been slow to respond to new business and brand reputation realities. According to new data from CMO Lab, a joint research project from APEX Public Relations, ruckus Digital and Maru/Blue, more than …