250B Marketing Interactions and How 100 C-Suite Executives Really Feel About Marketing Post-COVID

VANCOUVER, BC–StrategyBox CEO Aaron Vidas announced a new report benchmarking ad performance from 250B marketing interactions since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This, coupled with 100 C-suite executives’ interviews on what they now expect from Marketers, gives CMO’s the tools to increase performance and sales in 2021.

The StrategyBox 2021 Marketing Benchmark Report aggregates 250B+ marketing interactions of 2,000+ companies headquartered in North America and the EU since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Showing Marketers what performance to expect from their digital ads in 2021.

Coupled to this is 100 C-level executives’ responses—from companies $50M to $5B in size—across 16 industries in CA, UK and US. It is among the most insightful studies conducted on marketing performance and what the C-suite expects out of Marketing Teams in 2021 since the COVID-19 pandemic hit earlier this year.

“2020 presented us with one of the most unique challenges of our lives. Nothing is normal, and that leaves us unmoored. Having trouble determining if the performance we’re observing is good or bad,” says Aaron Vidas, Founder and CEO at StrategyBox. “My intention is to arm Marketers with the data they require to defend and expand their marketing budgets in 2021. That starts with understanding your current performance and what the C-suite is expecting of you.”

Survey Highlights: Increases in digital marketing ad spend, and investment in new marketing technologies, are here to stay:

> 73 percent of C-suite executives agree that marketing technology and automation investment have
increased since COVID-19 hit in early 2020.

> More than 55 percent of C-suite executives are not entirely confident in their teams’ ability to deliver results in this climate.

Marketers can defend, and potentially obtain more, budget if they communicate to the C-suite in financial terms:

> 79 percent of C-suite executives agree that it will only invest in new technologies if they can see clear bottom-line benefits.

> 83 percent of C-suite executives agree that they would support greater autonomy for marketing teams if they were better at communicating outcomes in financial terms.

> More than 50 percent of the C-suite executives are uncertain if the business knows which channel drives the most revenue.

The StrategyBox 2021 Marketing Benchmark Report is conducted annually covering companies in 16 different industries, from retail to Software as a Service (SaaS). The in-depth research study was both quantitive—to determine larger trends and numbers—and qualitative, including responses of 100 C-level executives.

About StrategyBox
StrategyBox is a customer journey mapping platform with offices in Vancouver, Canada and London, England. The platform integrates with over 140 of the world’s most trusted marketing platforms. Saving 1000’s of hours annually automating marketing reporting in one live, simple and secure platform. Then using cutting edge AI, provides recommendations on marketing spend optimization and what to do next to drive-up click-through rates and sales.

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