TORONTO, ON–Pineapple SEO, an innovative Toronto SEO agency, has unveiled groundbreaking findings from its recent survey on the awareness and utilization of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) among Greater Toronto Area (GTA) business leaders.

The 35-day survey, conducted with 100 business leaders from various industries, has illuminated a significant gap in SEO knowledge and adoption in the business community.

The results are startling: 44 percent of business leaders admitted having never heard of SEO, highlighting a substantial awareness gap.

Moreover, among those familiar with SEO, a vast majority (71 percent) are not currently leveraging the services of SEO agencies.

Furthermore, the survey found that 54 percent of respondents who are aware of SEO have never engaged an SEO agency, and 29 percent attempt to manage SEO efforts independently.

The goal was to get an idea about the reach of SEO agencies within the GTA and how much people in lead positions within companies know about SEO. The criteria for respondents were that they reside in the GTA and hold the position of owner, partner, president, CEO, or chairperson.

The survey began on February 7th, 2024, and took 35 days to complete.

Pineapple SEO positions itself as more than a typical SEO agency, emphasizing personalized strategies over generic ones. Founded by marketing enthusiasts, including a Certified Marketing Specialist and a legal SEO niche specialist, the company specializes exclusively in SEO and offers bespoke services.

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