Canadians embrace the love of their pets, choosing to help protect their health for a longer, happier life together with Spot Pet Insurance, which is available now across Canada

TORONTO, ON–Spot Pet Insurance, a rapidly growing, digital-first pet insurance provider, has expanded its services to the Canadian pet-loving community. According to the Canadian Animal Health Institute, an estimated 8.3 million Canadian households have a cat, and 8.2 million have a dog.

“Only three percent of pet parents have insurance for their furry friends in Canada. Spot’s mission is to help protect pet parents while continuing to help build strong communities of pet lovers. Through pet health-focused education, we are spreading the importance of peace of mind, to enjoy many years of pet health together,” said Trey Ferro, CEO at Spot.

“Spot has embraced the power of tech as an added advantage to the claims process. Our team of top insurance and digital experts ensure that not only does taking care of pets have a fresh, new perspective, but that it’s a personal experience as well,” Ferro said. “We want to change the narrative on pet insurance because we believe that it’s as essential as getting an insurance plan for your actual children.”

Spot offers best-in-class plans that help pet parents make better choices for their dogs’ and cats’ health. Supporting happier pets and pet parents with the coverage they both will love, Spot provides cat insurance and dog insurance coverage for illnesses and accidents and reimburses actual vet costs.

Coverage options provided by Spot Pet Insurance are designed with pet parents in mind. The company makes it clear that creating communities of healthier pet families is at the heart of their coverage, which extends to services pet parents consider priorities for their cat or dog – with no breed excluded from coverage.

Canadian Pet Coverage Plan Features:

  • Coverage for Common Illnesses (full list of common illnesses available at available on the third day following enrollment
  • One annual deductible
  • No need to purchase additional coverage for exam fees for covered accidents and illnesses.
  • Optional Vet Direct Pay

Benefits at a glance:

The opportunity to visit any licensed veterinarian anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Up to $1,000/year combined for alternative therapies, including hydrotherapy, naturopathy, chiropractic, and behavioral therapy.
Coverage for surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, hospital stays, and taxes is included in the selected annual policy limit.
There are no additional waiting periods or coverage limits for eligible vet visits for hereditary and breed-specific conditions.

No enrollment fees or cancellation fees; enrolled pets qualify for next-day accident coverage
“Spot’s agile business model allows us to react quickly to market trends, driving technology and innovation, which has helped us enhance critical processes such as the user experience, customer service, and digital claims,” said Spot President, Scott Taylor. “As an insurtech, our focus on technology, innovation, and people sets us apart from other businesses and helps Spot stand out.”

As a leader in insurtech, Spot Pet Insurance shares its digital-first, love-centered approach to wellness through social media, directly connecting with customers as they search for pet health solutions. Claims submissions are processed within a few days on average, in a secure member portal on the web platform. Adjudicated by licensed veterinary technicians and assisted by proprietary automation processes, Spot’s team works to speed up reimbursements whenever possible.

Offering further reliability that Canadian pet families can get behind, Spot Pet Insurance plans are administered by trusted industry veterans, and specialists in medical insurance policies for cats and dogs – PTZ Insurance Services Ltd. (PTZ) – a C&F Company. C&F offers brands that range from microchip identification technology, shelter management software, and lost pet recovery services, bringing 200 plus years of expertise and best practices to help ensure Spot’s commitment to “Pet Insurance You Both Will Love.”

About Spot Pet Insurance Services
Spot Pet Insurance Services, ULC is a company with an Ontario, Canada-based team that offers products in Canada. Spot Pet Insurance plan options include Accident-Only, and Accident & Illness insurance with optional Routine or Preventative Wellness Rider. Spot pet insurance plan options, communications, and employees help support humans in forming the best relationship with their pets over a long, healthy life together.

All pet insurance plans have waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits, and exclusions. Specific products, features, coverage limits, rates, and discounts may vary by province and eligibility and are subject to change. Medical conditions that are noted, symptomatic, or diagnosed prior to enrollment or during a waiting period are considered “pre-existing to coverage” and not eligible for reimbursement. Coverage availability varies by province. Not available in Quebec.

For all terms and conditions, visit Preventative Care reimbursements are based on a schedule. Accident & Illness insurance reimbursements are based on eligible treatments and invoice amounts.

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