TORONTO–Carrot Rewards, Canada’s most popular wellness app, marks the arrival of its one-millionth user today by launching Carrot Plus, a version that enables Canadians to earn rewards up to 10x faster when they achieve their daily walking goals.

The celebrated platform — named Best App in Canada by MobileSyrup and ranked as one of the fastest growing startup companies by Canadian Business and Maclean’s magazine — has already awarded Canadians two billion points from everyday reward programs like Aeroplan®, SCENE®, Petro-Points™, More Rewards®, Drop and RBC Rewards™. Users earn their choice of loyalty points for participating in fun wellness quizzes and for staying physically active and meeting daily step goals.

By upgrading to one of three Carrot Plus tiers, Canadians will now be able to earn 2x, 5x or even 10x more rewards when they reach their personalized daily step goals, for a special introductory monthly subscription fee of $1.99, $3.99 or $5.99 respectively. Users who upgrade to Carrot Plus for a full year will also qualify for the special introductory pricing as well as additional bonuses of hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of reward points.

“We’re doing it again,” said Andreas Souvaliotis, Founder and CEO of Carrot Rewards. “Now that we’ve proven the unique power of everyday wellness incentives, now that we know the positive difference Carrot can make in the daily wellness and physical activity levels of entire populations, now is the time to raise our impact bar again by offering Canadians the option to earn even more rewards for staying active each day. We are proud of the incredible difference we’ve made in the lives of one million people and we’re ready to create even more engagement and positive behaviour changes across the country.”

Carrot Rewards is an AI-driven public engagement platform that leverages behavioural economics and nudge theory to motivate Canadians to make better everyday lifestyle choices

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. Carrot Rewards harnesses the power of the most popular consumer loyalty programs in Canada to maximize its appeal and user engagement. Carrot users earn their choice of Aeroplan® Miles, SCENE® points, Petro-Points™, More Rewards® points, Drop points or RBC Rewards each time they interact with the app. The Carrot platform was created in collaboration with public sector agencies, the three leading Canadian health NGOs and the private sector.

With over a million downloads across Canada, Carrot is the most popular and trusted public engagement platform in the country. Carrot was recognized as Canadian App of the Year by MobileSyrup, is ranked as a Top 10 Loyalty Program in Canada by the Bond Brand Loyalty Report and as one of the Top Fastest Growing Companies by Canadian Business and Maclean’s.

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