VANCOUVER–ParcelPal Technology Inc. has plans to continue its national rollout to Ontario, aiming at Canada’s financial capital, Toronto, as its initial launching point. Following the announced partnership with Cowbell Brewing Co.  last month, ParcelPal plans to start servicing clients in Ontario starting with the Greater Toronto Area and later rolling out to other cities within Ontario.

ParcelPal has secured an office in Toronto, and is currently onboarding all key personnel to fill all necessary roles for the upcoming launch, which is expected to occur shortly. ParcelPal is also actively looking to expand with new and existing partnerships within this region.

ParcelPal’s mission is to exponentially grow its business by making mobile on-demand deliveries a common, widespread service throughout cities across Canada. The Company has been operating successfully in Vancouver, Calgary and Saskatoon and is now focusing its expansion plans in Ontario as part of its on-going strategy for Canada wide distribution. As the largest market in Canada, the Province of Ontario has over 14 million residents and represents a significant increase in the size of the markets currently being serviced by ParcelPal.

ParcelPal will be launching with all verticals offered (Food, alcohol, grocery, and ‘Get Anything’). ParcelPal is also in late stage planning for implementation of cannabis delivery in the province of Ontario. ParcelPal will make entry to strategic urban cities in the Province during its first and second phase of its rollout plan. This in turn will allow ParcelPal to continue its rapid growth whilst ensuring a superior customer experience as witnessed in other cities that are currently being serviced by ParcelPal.

President and CEO, Kelly Abbott states, “We are very pleased to be able to offer ParcelPal services to the residents of Toronto. Ontario is Canada’s largest province, and we are excited by the opportunity that it presents to us and our shareholders. We feel an expansion to Ontario will bring great value to our various stakeholders and with the up coming launch will be the cornerstone for all expansions moving forward. Our increased investments in technology, brand and delivery are on track to make our service even easier to use, whilst expanding our customer’s choices

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. I’m pleased with the strong results of the past year and excited by our opportunity for accelerated growth across Canada.”

Director and Chief strategy officer Peter Hinam states, “We have worked long and hard to achieve this important milestone in our company’s growth. We feel it will bring ParcelPal to the next level by offering our unequal service in Canada’s most populated city.”

ParcelPal is a technology-driven logistics company that connects consumers to the goods they love. Customers can shop at partner businesses and through the ParcelPal technology receive their purchased goods within an hour. ParcelPal offers on-demand delivery of merchandise from leading retailers, restaurants, medical marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores in Vancouver and soon in major cities Canada-wide.

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