TORONTO, ON–Leading UK legal technology provider Estatesearch has launched in Canada. The award-winning legal technology innovator will now offer asset and liability searches and Will Data Management services to Canadian legal firms.

Jonathan Upton, Director, Estatesearch, confirmed: “The Canadian probate process is broadly similar to that of the UK and Canadian lawyers often face similar challenges to their British counterparts in relation to establishing assets and liabilities within the estate of a deceased individual. The size, degree of sophistication of Canada’s financial institutions and the common law system, all also share similarities. Therefore, it made sense to extend services into Canada, so that lawyers, their clients and financial institutions over there can benefit from our professional experience and award-winning technology.”

Estatesearch’s Financial Profile Search provides a comprehensive and detailed report to support an efficient fact-finding process, helping lawyers quickly build a better understanding of clients’ financial affairs to manage and/or administer an estate effectively. Using information and data from a variety of sources, Estatesearch currently notifies more than 150 organizations. The resulting report helps support due diligence, clearly demonstrating the steps undertaken to identify all assets and liabilities. Estatesearch is also building a register of deceased individuals and is beginning to work with Canadian financial data providers to ensure that this data is available to be searched for credit lending purposes to help reduce fraud against deceased persons’ estates.

In addition, Estatesearch is also offering a Will Data Management service to help firms maintain the health and integrity of the Will data they hold on file. The simple, cost-effective management tool initially provides a health check to establish the percentage of out-of-date records, a secondary cleansing phase to identify deceased subjects and rectify incorrect addresses, and a final optional phase for ongoing monitoring which notifies firms of life events allowing databases to be kept up to date more efficiently.

Searches are ordered through Estatesearch’s secure, online platform, providing access to a growing range of essential due diligence services, helping firms manage everything in one place. With no registration or subscription fees, firms only pay for the searches services they need.

Estatesearch is the largest provider of Asset & Liability Searches in the UK and has been pioneering new data and technology to help private practitioners identify assets and liabilities since 2018. In 2024 Estatesearch launched its asset and liability search and Will data management service in Canada.

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