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New analytics tool targets business travel performance

Solution goes beyond classic dashboard to help tell story of travel program performance Egencia has a new enhanced data visualization and analytics platform to help companies bring their travel program story to life. Travel managers can explore data visually, discover hidden insights, identify new sources of savings and optimize spend …

June 2018 IssueLocation-based Marketing

Geolocation changes marketing

By Robert Szyngiel What do Starbucks, Whole Foods, Taco Bell and L’Oreal have in common? They are among the first wave of brands to dip their toes into the geolocation pool. By recognizing the power of location as a strategic marketing tool, these companies have demonstrated that it can be …

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POTLOC finds new funding, expands intelligent crowdsourcing insights

Montreal–POTLOC, the Montreal startup for location-based consumer market studies, closed a new funding round at $2.5 million. Ecofuel Fund, a seed investment fund for clean technologies, led the funding round, closing with an oversubscription surpassing the targeted amount fivefold. POTLOC has attracted notable investors such as Desjardins Capital and CapHorn …

February 2018 IssueLocation-based Marketing

Retailers make gains in mobile commerce

Retailers must think like eCommerce companies to survive and grow BY JEREMY GILMAN What was once every marketer’s nightmare — the sight of someone pulling out their phone in a retail store to price-compare online (a.k.a. showrooming) — is actually not as jarring as one might originally think. In this …

February 2018 IssueLocation-based Marketing

The great individual vs. geodemographic data debate

  Why your customer data may not be enough. BY LARRY FILLER As an industry veteran committed to helping organizations leverage data for better decision making, I am often reminded of the great Yogi Berra’s remark: “It’s déjà vu all over again” when I hear marketers debate the benefits of …

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Making sense of the census for marketers

A growing and increasingly diverse population presents both challenges and opportunities Canadian cites are undergoing rapid demographic shifts that marketers will need to adapt to if they expect to connect with consumers. That’s the message emerging from the 2016 Census. The latest round of data released by Statistics Canada reveals …

Location-based Marketing

Sleepwalking and the content awakening

A new location-based marketing strategy Location, location, location! The old adage about real estate is now more true than ever for mobile advertising—the fastest growing segment in media. For years, marketers have sought to leverage the inherent location insights that mobile devices provide. The rapid growth of location-aware, programmatic mobile …

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Businesses view location intelligence as critical to success: CARTO survey

Location intelligence will rise in importance over next three years as organizations realize the full potential and emerging applications of the technology New York — CARTO, the leader in location intelligence, today announced the findings of its “State of Location Intelligence” survey, which polled more than 200 respondents at midsize …

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Innovative digital formats to drive global ad growth to 2019: Zenith

Social media in-feed ads, online video and other digital formats such as paid content and native advertising are leading the growth in global advertising. Between 2016 and 2019 they will drive 14% annual growth in total display advertising – a category that includes these formats as well as traditional banners …

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What personality is that billboard?

Clear Channel develops game-changing approach to selling outside ad space Imagine you’re a media buyer for a clothing store chain and you’re looking to buy outdoor advertising space in downtown Ottawa. You could take the easy route and turn to the usual suspects: well-known neighbourhoods like Sparks Street or around …