Security leader offers the first and only software solution for companies to transform illegal pre-GDPR data while retaining full analytical, AI and machine learning potential

NEW YORK–Anonos, the global leader in data risk management, security and privacy, today launched its SaveYourData software solution, designed to allow companies operating under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to not only retain personal data collected before the law came into effect, but to also enable dynamic use of the data for analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and marketing activities.

Anonos SaveYourData transforms non-compliant consent-based pre-GDPR data into fully compliant data with a new legal basis that protects its long-term use for analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and marketing activities under legitimate interest processing.

“With the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) affirming that data protection is a fundamental right that cannot be traded away, organizations that possess and process pre-GDPR data are at risk of significant sanctions under the GDPR,” said Gary LaFever, CEO and General Counsel at Anonos. “With no grandfather clause allowing for ongoing legal possession, hosting, or processing of pre-GDPR data, companies must immediately find a solution that transforms this now illegal data and provides a new legal basis for its possession. With the launch of SaveYourData, Anonos is bringing to market an out-of-the-box solution for this widespread, imminent problem.”

Recent GDPR audits by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and other EU Data Protection Authorities have included the question, “What did you do to transform the legal basis for processing pre-GDPR data so it continues to be legal to possess?” Companies that have not transformed their once legal, but now illegal pre-GDPR data are subject to temporary or permanent bans on processing; orders to rectify, restrict or erase data; and most severe fines authorized under the GDPR of up to 4% of annual global gross revenues associated with infringement of fundamental rights under the GDPR.

As a result of the potential legal repercussions, some companies have resorted to deleting decades worth of valuable data, robbing themselves of a competitive advantage along the way. With SaveYourData, Anonos is offering companies a quick and painless software solution to transform existing data so that it can still retain value while complying with GDPR regulations.

SaveYourData is built around Anonos’ patented dynamic pseudonymization technology which allows data use in a privacy-respectful manner. Using SaveYourData technology, data sets can be associated with dynamically generated pseudonyms that make innovative data use possible without exposing personal data to unauthorized re-identification. Anonos technology makes it possible under tightly controlled technical and organizational governance to enable data re-identification only for authorized purposes.

This means that companies using SaveYourData can be assured that not only have they addressed data possession requirements under the GDPR, but also their data will be fully usable for data science use cases. Anonos’ patented technology and EuroPrivacy’s certification of SaveYourData as fully compliant with GDPR pseudonymization requirements, provides organizations with the reassurance they need to pursue their digital transformation strategies without the threat of regulatory sanctions

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“Successfully implementing big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence inevitably brings significant business, technical and ethical challenges under GDPR,” said Martin Whitworth, research director at IDC. “Anonos’ pseudonymization technique will help protect consumers while enabling companies that have collected consumer data to keep and use that data for processing, even with data collected long before GDPR was implemented, which is an important safeguard for valuable, accumulated data stores.”

Companies interested in learning more about SaveYourData can begin the process by emailing More information can be found in an explainer video highlighting what has changed along with an itemized checklist to evaluate your right to possess pre-GDPR data.

Anonos: Recapturing the Value of Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning by Making Data Use Legal (Again).
What Has Changed? New global data privacy laws mean that the days of unfettered and unfiltered use of data are over.  Why It Matters? If companies do not correct this, they could find themselves using suddenly illegal “Conflict Data” that will irretrievably taint their Analytics, AI and Machine Learning.
How to Fix It? Anonos BigPrivacy technology transforms illegal “Conflict Data” from a liability into legally complaint “Fair Trade Data,” that delivers a new competitive advantage.

Anonos Revolutionary BigPrivacy Technology: Maximizing the business value of analytics, AI and machine learning; Delivering the highest data fidelity, accuracy, portability and context; Enabling legal compliance with evolving data privacy laws

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