VANCOUVER, BC–When it comes to customer service, pretty much everyone claims to have a great offering. But Clearly really does mean it.

The eyewear brand has taken an innovative approach to ensure that every part of the customer journey is tailored to deliver the best possible experience.

From the browsing and choosing stage right through to delivery and returns, Clearly’s customer service makes buying eyewear online feel like an easy and natural part of everyone’s lifestyle.

But it’s not just about meeting people’s needs and expectations; Clearly strives to exceed them. The company reportedly offers the fastest eyewear delivery in all of Canada: including the world’s first same-day delivery service by bike for contact lenses.

And, as a result, Clearly (its U.S. brand Coastal) just got awarded the best customer service award for online eyewear in the U.S. by Newsweek.

“Consumers are now used to seeing something they like online, clicking to buy and having it in their hands within a few hours,” said CEO Arnold Bussieres. “That is the Amazon effect on consumers’ expectations. So, we have decided that consumers should be able to do the same thing with something as important as their eyewear.”

Strong supply chain

Clearly has built its supply chain with the best carriers such as Purolator to come up with innovative solutions that streamline the delivery process. Customers living in Toronto or Montreal can now order contacts at 9 pm and have them in the morning the day after, all shipped from the company’s distribution centre in Vancouver, which is also where it is headquartered. Glasses wearers can receive their new frames in as little as two or three days. And it’s only going to get faster.

“We’re always striving to find ways to make things even better for our customers, which usually translates in being faster and friendly for the environment,” said Bussieres. “The days of waiting weeks for your eyewear to show up are over; we’re the fastest and the most reliable and we are building a system which is driven by customer choice and aligned with our environmental values.”

Multichannel service

Whether it’s a question about fit or a query about an order, it’s easy to get in touch with a representative at Clearly. With 24/7 customer support available via phone, email and live chat, and with its showrooms, people can decide how and when they want to connect.

Clearly is also growing its digital engagement team in order to support customers who are seeking help via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This makes the brand even more accessible to a new audience, meeting Gen Z and other savvy social media users on their level.

“Some people like calling and talking to someone, and we’re there for them,” said Bussieres. “Others prefer to chat online. We’re there for them, too. And for those who need a physical touchpoint, we have our showrooms where consumers can have eye exams and get any advice for their vision needs.”

Company values

Great customer service isn’t just about fixing problems and answering questions. What sets Clearly apart is the way it applies a customer-obsessed outlook across every business decision.

These core values travel further afield through Clearly’s purpose; the company has embarked on a mission to eradicate poor vision in the world by 2050. Its “Buy One, Give One” program has already contributed to almost half a million donations, including in the Canadian community.

All these factors add up to create a brand that people can turn to and trust.

“We were born, raised and have kept our headquarter and operations in Canada,” said Bussieres. “So, it’s no surprise that we act Canadian! We’re caring, friendly, and down-to-earth. We like to help. We like quality and value. And yes, we like to drink craft beer on Fridays.”

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