Telecom’s challenge of customer acquisition

Primus Canada is the largest independent telecommunications service provider in Canada; it gains its market share with more value through lower rates, rewards and better service. But competing with much larger brands means Primus must work hard to build brand awareness and acquire new customers, while meeting consumers’ higher expectations.

From advanced analytics to detailed targeting

Primus and its agency partner, RIVET, work with Custometrics, which specializes in advanced analytics. They use a very detailed targeting model that allows them to predict the activation rate of a campaign for a given neighbourhood, at a given time and with a given product. Every penny invested can be optimized. In fact, the predictive power of the model is such that Primus can invest confidently in its campaigns, because the analysis allows for a good understanding of the results to expect. Armed with this knowledge, Primus then shapes marketing campaigns and messaging to maximize its marketing budget. Over the past 10 years, one key finding kept showing up: Canada Post’s Unaddressed Admail (now Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail) has consistently been a top performer and solidified itself as a core element of Primus’s media plan.

From wise to Wisers

RIVET created a family of owls called The Wisers who made the smart choice and switched their telecom services to Primus. Among other offers, the owls touted a good deal: fast unlimited internet and home phone for $44.95 a month for a guaranteed two-year term.

Thanks to the predictive model and the attention-grabbing creative, the Fall 2014 campaign reached the right clients with the right message and the right offer.

Building success on measurable results

The campaign was a tremendous success. At 578%, ROI was well above the 200% target and marked an all-time-high ROI for Primus’s unaddressed programs. Responses and activations were so numerous that they challenged Primus’s call centre to keep up.

“The right channel, a disciplined test-and-learn approach, a competitive product, smart analytics and compelling creative all combined to deliver the phenomenal success that we saw during this campaign,” said Stefanie Neheli, manager, marketing communications, at Primus.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2017 issue of Direct Marketing.

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Jennifer Campbell

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