AcuityAds Comprehensive Study on the State of Audience Attention to Digital Advertising Has Surprises

TORONTO–AcuityAds, a technology leader that provides targeted digital media solutions by leveraging its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enable advertisers to connect intelligently with audiences across digital advertising campaigns, today announced the release of a new research report entitled “Attention: The New Media Currency”. The insights represent findings from a recent study conducted with over 200 brand marketers on the topic of capturing audience attention through video advertising.

“The advertising industry by and large has conquered the reach problem,” commented Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer at AcuityAds. “Advertisers can reach most audience groups with remarkable precision using audience segmentation and classification systems provided by existing advertising technologies. Unfortunately, what remains out of reach is viewer attention.”

The research revealed a significant disconnect between what marketers believe as important to achieving consumer attention and the actual evidence.

Alex Panousis, President of Havas Media Canada highlighted the importance of the attention issue, “Everything in digital media is secondary to driving attention. As an industry, we need to better understand the factors impacting our ability to do this. The use of data and technology put part of the equation within advertiser control, so they can achieve a critical competitive advantage in today’s crowded media environment.”

The research report precedes a sequence of industry events where AcuityAds will be presenting the findings, along with strategies for tackling the attention issue, including at the upcoming American Marketing Association’s Looking Ahead Into The 2019 Marketing Landscape event on December 12th in Toronto, Canada. The full report can be accessed online here.

AcuityAds is a leading technology company that provides marketers a powerful and holistic solution for digital advertising across all ad formats and screens to amplify reach and Share of Attention throughout the customer journey. Via its unique, data-driven insights, real-time analytics and industry-leading activation platform based on proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology, AcuityAds leverages an integrated ecosystem of partners for data, inventory, brand safety and fraud prevention, offering unparalleled, trusted solutions that the most demanding marketers require to be successful in the digital era.

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