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Five reasons your business needs an online community, not a LinkedIn group

It’s time to move to a platform that actually benefits your members I love LinkedIn for career networking but it’s a terrible platform for a community. Activity in a LinkedIn group tends to follow the traditional 90-9-1 participation model seen on other social networks: 90 percent lurker, nine percent contributor, …

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Blackbaud acquires Attentive.ly

Plans to integrate social marketing capabilities into portfolio to increase value for customers and accelerate delivery of next generation cloud solutions Charleston, S.C. — Blackbaud, the leading provider of software and services for the global philanthropic community, today announced it has acquired Attentive.ly, a company that allows organizations to conduct social …

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How FUSE retooled for the tech, digital, social and XM era

FUSE is not the agency we were when we started out 13 years ago. Today we’re all about data and insights that drive both conversation and conversion for top Canadian brands. And while we work in any medium; our love of technology and innovations leads us to focus in digital, …

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Enhancing experiential marketing tactics with integrated mobile

  There has long been a divide between old and new, or traditional versus non-traditional, in the marketing industry. The two schools of thought constantly battle it out to decide whose approach will have a greater impact on marketing success in any given industry. Can’t we all just get along? …

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Increase your social media following with Instagram marketing

Are you advertising your business on Instagram? Yes? Good! The reason why Instagram is so popular among businesses is that it not only helps create awareness of your products and services but also helps boost your traffic and sales faster than a lot of other marketing channels. In fact, Instagram …