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The connected experience

Marketers have been slow to adapt to a post-campaign world where the old familiar rules of brand building are obsolete. To connect with customers today marketers must not only manage channel complexity, they must make the brand more relevant and central to their lives. In the late 1950s the Volkswagen …


Putting customers first

Businesses everywhere are under pressure to give up the ‘make and sell’ model, fearful of digital disruption. But while they concede the importance of improving the customer experience, the path to transformation can seem like an impossible journey: can businesses ever hope to keep pace with their customers?     …

Marketing AutomationOperations and Logistics

Automating the marketing ecosystem

Half a century ago IBM revolutionized the computing business by separating programs from hardware. Today a comparable revolution is underway: the shift to browser-based applications in the cloud. But that poses a dilemma for marketers: how do they combine multiple standalone applications to form a unified marketing ecosystem?   At …

Customer Relationship ManagementEngagement & Analytics

Joining the conversation

In this age of uninhibited self expression, when almost everyone has something to say or share, marketing must modernize its communication model to have any chance of joining the conversation   Forty thousand years ago, when our early ancestors drew pictures of the world around them on cave walls they …