Agency becomes FCB network’s data-first creative group

Toronto and Montréal – Following last week’s announcement of a new leadership team at Rivet, FCB Canada is continuing to evolve and grow the network’s data-driven creative agency. Toronto-based Rivet is rebranding as FCB/SIX and will be expanding to Montréal, opening a second office to better serve clients in English and French Canada.

“To best reflect its iconic and creative FCB heritage, Rivet is rebranding as FCB/SIX and being transformed into a unique and leading Canadian-based data-first creative group,” says Tim Bowen, CEO, FCB Canada.

“FCB/SIX will augment the existing roster of FCB companies in Canada and beyond by providing specialized, highly effective data, technology and 1:1 creative ideas that drive ROI for a wide range of clients.”

FCB Canada is expanding FCB/SIX to Montréal and offering its expertise in data and technology to a range of national accounts, Quebec-based businesses and French-language companies

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While Rachelle Claveau continues to helm FCB Montréal, FCB/SIX in Toronto and Montréal will be managed by President Andrea Cook and will operate independently with separate structures, clients, locations and teams.

“Importantly, the name change better represents the agency’s approach to mashing data and technology to deliver creative ideas that execute at the individual level and generate exceptional, behaviour-changing work for clients at scale,” says Cook.

The “SIX” in the new agency name is emblematic and refers to six key moments of connection the agency has identified in customer engagement. It boldly represents the agency’s approach to focusing client energy and dollars to the places that count the most.

“The industry is evolving towards mass 1:1 marketing and we intend to lead the way with FCB/SIX,” says Bowen. The company’s growing and brilliant talent roster is at the forefront of data-first creative marketing.”

“Fast, hungry, savvy and fun,” is how Cook describes the new high-performance leadership team she has assembled to help clients of FCB/SIX successfully navigate and compete in today’s data-driven, digital environment.

With the recent addition of Ian Mackenzie, executive creative director, Kim Farwell, SVP, strategy, and Jacob Ciesielski, vice-president of data and technology, a game-changing executive lineup is in place at FCB/SIX.

“A data-first creative group, FCB/SIX has the talent, leadership and know-how to turn our client’s customers into loyalists and their marketing departments into profit centres,” says Cook.
While FCB/SIX’s expansion will offer clients highly-focused data, technology and creative marketing services in both Toronto and Montréal, Canada’s two largest cities, clients will also benefit from access to FCB’s global network and its proprietary resources, centres of excellence, tools, best practices and global expertise in emerging technology.

The agency’s recent growth and development is largely fuelled by expanding client mandates on standing accounts and new lines of business. In Montréal, FCB/SIX will be focused on and is well positioned for future growth and development of national accounts, Quebec-based businesses, and French-language companies.

Since Cook became president in January 2016, the agency has hired 22 new people in preparation its rebranding and expansion. These hires have been fostered by growth, culture shift and the evolution of the team under Cook’s new vision.

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