Implemented in KEYYES, the group’s luxury digital platform, it features data application to evaluate trends in satisfaction and measure efficiency of its high touch service teams

TORONTO–Sarment Intelligent Services, a lifestyle service provider that serves the High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth communities, is launching a new artificial intelligence (AI) module for KEYYES, its luxury digital platform. Using natural language processing, the module will analyze customer sentiment during live chat interactions with its customer service teams. This will enable the company to prioritise chats in real time and provide a scalable high touch service across all markets.

“Using AI and natural language processing, we can detect the sentiments of conversations at a very granular level. We can analyse in real time the sentiment of a conversation based on every single message from the customer to the customer service agent, and use this to do real-time prioritization,” explains Will Beattie, Group Chief Technology Officer for Sarment Intelligent Services

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. Beattie is a seasoned technology leader and an early pioneer of cloud computing.

Natural language processing is a branch of AI that enables computer programs to understand and analyse natural human language. As with any machine learning process, the system becomes more intelligent by being trained with large amounts of quality data. In this case, the data is made up of natural language used in real-life interactions.

“Not every interaction is equal. One customer might be stranded at the airport, another may just want to find out more about a frequent flyer program. To put it simply, the people who are in urgent need of service and have been waiting for the longest time should be served first,” says Beattie. This is unlike a traditional call centre setting, where requests are prioritized on a first come first serve basis.

As it sees rapid growth in the number of members on the KEYYES platform, the company’s ability to prioritize customer live chats will help to scale its customer service function efficiently. With the support of the AI module, the company can gauge each customer service representative’s success in resolving problems and providing relevant information to users. With the aim to continuously increase the quality of service and drive high ratios of success rate.

The new AI module will also help the company identify customer preferences to drive its product and partnership roadmaps. For instance, the module will learn when customers inquire about certain services that are not being offered on the platform.

In addition, KEYYES will use the AI module to improve app personalisation by pushing recommendations to customers based on the items they view, mark as favourites, and buy or book. It will also detect when members are experiencing issues with the app, enabling faster detection and fixing of user experience problems and bugs.

KEYYES was launched in 2018 by the Sarment Intelligent Services. The platform includes luxury items and experiences curated by industry ambassadors in the areas of fashion, wine, dining, travel, wellness, beauty, and more. Designed as a secure, personal portal to the luxury world, the mobile app offers specialist content, access to purchase highly exclusive products, and opportunities to book experiences, such as a test drive of the newest sports car or a private tour of an art exhibit.

The company was ranked as Asia’s fastest-growing luxury company in 2018 by the Financial Times’ 1000 High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific list. In August 2018, it completed its initial public offering at the TSX Venture Exchange.

Sarment was established in 2012 providing “art de la table” products and services to both private individuals and enterprises active in the luxury community. It evolved into a broader lifestyle service provider offering premium experiences to its expanding base of affluent clients, establishing its position as a trusted authority in all things luxury. Sarment is now one of Asia’s major luxury service providers with hundreds of global partners spanning a growing network of luxury businesses.

KEYYES is a luxury eco-system that aggregates exclusive experiences and products from a global network of brand partners and luxury providers. Users discover expert insights, purchase curated goods and make bookings at featured lifestyle venues: restaurants, bars, Art galleries, spas, wellness retreats, fashion houses, private clubs, automotive showrooms and designer’s workshops. The platform is currently available across 5 cities in Asia today and is set to launch in over 20 additional cities globally in the next 3 years.

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