It Has Been Our Pleasure to Be Part of Three Decades of the DM Industry

Thanks all of you, our friends, advertisers, partners, contributors and our staff, but above all our readers who have made our journey over the past 30 years great, exciting, memorable and worthwhile. We started DM Magazine back in October 1988 to supply insightful and timely information to help you grow your direct marketing organization. While the environment, the companies and the technology have changed, as our 30th anniversary issue articles point out, the objectives of direct marketing, namely connecting and engaging customers with targeted data-driven offers remains the same. So keep reading and supporting DM Magazine, and tell others about us and we in turn will keep providing you with the helpful content you have rightfully come to expect from us. And let’s see where our journey over the next 30 years, and more, takes us.

Steve Lloyd
DM Magazine

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