With the increasing demand for engaging content, there’s a company in Toronto called Door 24 which is helping Canadian businesses tell their stories from new heights.

Through collaboration with City Hova Inc, a group of seasoned aviation professions with more than 80 combined years of experience in aviation, Door 24 has made drone content safe and accessible nationwide and is now one of the only video marketing agencies in Canada’s largest city which can fly and manage the complexities and risks associated with operating drones.

The founder of Door 24, Franco Junior Recchia, has always had a passion for integrating creativity and technology to tell peoples’ stories. Franco originally started in the music business but quickly found himself behind the camera to produce his own music videos.

Through his natural and creative abilities, other musicians gravitated to Franco to get the same quality content. Franco quickly realized that he had a real talent and passion for making other people look like rock stars, rather than always being the person in front of the camera.

Through this shift in focus, Franco continued to refine his expertise in videography and founded his content agency, Door 24, in March 2019. Door 24 was created with the mission to apply innovation, technology and creativity to give clients the competitive advantage when it comes to improving their social presence and connection.

After a very successful first year (clients included Fairmont Royal York, Sweat and Tonic, Netflix, Hyatt Place, Make a Wish Canada, Chotto Matte, Amazon, Mercedes Benz, Spotify, PSR Real Estate Brokerage and more) Door 24, like all Canadian businesses, was hit with a pandemic that no industry could properly plan for. Despite the challenging times, Franco recognized that this was an opportunity to take content and visual storytelling to the next level and that there was never better time for businesses to connect with their audiences virtually.

Throughout the last year Door 24 continued to push the envelope when it came to engaging social media and website content and even supported local small businesses along the way. Never missing an opportunity to see how content could be taken to the next level, Franco recognized that there was a gap in the market when it came to working with drones in a safe, legal and accessible way. Due to the demand for cinematic-aerial footage from Door 24’s clients, Franco set out to find a solution on how to make drone content a part of the Door 24 business model.

While Door 24 and Franco were dreaming how to take content to new heights, Franco’s close friend and real estate agent client, Christian Ilumin, was hard at work on the launch of a new business, City Hova Inc..

Christian had many years of aviation experience and used this experience to team up with other seasoned aviation professionals to launch a commercial drone business (primarily for security and delivery services), City Hova Inc..

When City Hova Inc., officially launched it did not take long for Christian and Franco to put the pieces together that a division of City Hova Inc. could be focused on drone content creation.

With Franco’s creativity and expertise in capturing visuals and City Hova Inc.’s team of aviation professions, a new division of Door 24 officially took flight. Through this collaboration, Door 24 and City Hova Inc. are now one of the only content agencies that can now safety and legally execute drone shoots in downtown Toronto.

To make the drone shoots as safe as possible, Transport Canada required drone pilots handle all aspects of drone operations including crewing, insurance, regulatory compliance, permitting, and flight safety.

This past month Door 24 and City Hova Inc. successfully completed their first drone commercial shoot for Hotel X which quickly went viral on TikTok (with over 830,000 views). The team really took pride in helping one of the hardest hit industries and plans to continue to support local businesses. This shoot was just the beginning of not even the sky being a limit for Franco’s content creation dreams. Door 24 and City Hova Inc. have plans to expand outside of Toronto this summer with the ability to fly these drones safety and legally nationwide.

So, what are bucket list Canadian locations for Door 24 and City Hova Inc? The Canadian Rockies, Parliament Hill, Peggy’s Cove (Nova Scotia), Lake Louise, Victoria and Fairmont Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. If Franco’s ability to pivot from an up and coming musician to being an agency owner, one of the top videographers in Toronto and now launching this new drone division has proven anything, it is that he is committed to pushing the limits and achieving dreams, one frame at a time.

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