TORONTO — Today, St. Joseph Communications is proud to announce the release of their 2017 Think Beyond Content trend report. Using over 60 global examples, this trend report explores Brands that are not only thinking of a world beyond simply building content, but are also focusing on how partnerships, technology, transparency and building engaged communities are essential.

“Today’s consumers are empowered like never before, armed with technologies and platforms that inform every aspect of their lives. As a result, we’re seeing the blurred lines between editorial and sponsored content, consumer and influencer, and even between brand and publisher,” says Michael Chase, chief marketing officer at St. Joseph Communications. “Ultimately, this reality prompts brands, publications, and platforms to evolve and create highly immersive, personalized and engaging content ecosystems that connect and unite audiences.”

The trends outlined within the”2017 Think Beyond Content” trend report include:

Technology Disrupts

From chatbots, augmented and virtual reality to existing and emerging social platforms, Marketers are now able to create and distribute content in new exciting ways. Successful Brands leverage technology, not because it’s new, but rather because it provides consumers an immersive and engaging experience.

Influential Partnerships

Brand partnerships can be a mutually beneficial relationship. Brands are always trying to deliver unique value through partnerships with complementary brands and influencers. Great partnerships look and feel seamless and provide consumers with a richer content and brand experience than before.

Brand Transparency

Consumers are increasingly aware that a Brand’s personality, purpose and profit are interconnected. Beyond PR stunts, consumers are drawn to Brands that are open, honest, sympathetic and most importantly, stand for causes they believe in.

Brand Ecosystems

Brands are winning our hearts and loyalty by animating our online worlds with stories and tools. With a myriad of channels connecting us to brands through sophisticated ecosystems, the paths to purchase have never been more dynamic.

To access the digital version of the report go to

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