TORONTO, ON — Project X Labs Ltd. is pleased to present GeoDash 3.2 and GeoDash 3.2M (Mobile), the latest versions of their geospatial analytics tool that lets users represent their data on a map. Compatible with MicroStrategy 10.1 through 10.6 Web and Mobile and now fully integrated with Visual Insight, GeoDash is easier to use and more accessible than ever. Project X Labs is also pleased to announce that as of GeoDash 3.2 our in-building analytics service IntelliSite will be bundled in at no extra cost.

GeoDash is fully integrated with the Google Maps API, and continues to evolve with new versions of MicroStrategy to remain the premiere affordable data-mapping solution. Many new and requested features have been added in GeoDash 3.2, including the ability to use GeoDash as a selector or a target in the Visual Insight dashboard or Report Services Documents, the ability to create and display metric totals and information windows automatically, the ability to scroll in an information window, and the addition of additive colouration when multiple area layers overlap. Many bugs have also been squashed.

Previous features from the base version of GeoDash 3 remain, including integration with the security features of MicroStrategy so that users never have to worry about losing sensitive data. Traffic and StreetView are available through Google Maps, and GeoDash allows for the integration of Data Subscription Services including weather and natural disasters, adding new layers of visual intelligence for making important decisions.

“GeoDash has gone through a major platform realignment to stay lockstep with the direction of MicroStrategy and its underlying technology,” said Stephen Hayward, president of Project X Labs. “By now aligning GeoDash to Web, Mobile and Visual Insight, we have crafted a seamless interface for location intelligence. We have also decided as of 3.2 to bundle IntelliSite into GeoDash so that all of our customers can drill down from the abstract geographical view right into their physical premises. It’s all about location and insight, and we are pleased to continue to evolve the value that these two concepts bring together.”

To request full release notes or to book a demo of GeoDash 3.2 or GeoDash 3.2M, contact Project X Labs at 416-422-8900 or visit

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