PRESS RELEASE: OTTAWA — The Government of Canada promised Canadians they would receive quality service from Canada Post at a reasonable price. In keeping with this commitment, today I am announcing an independent review of Canada Post.

This review supports an informed discussion around Canada Post—a discussion with the public that clearly lays out the facts and viable options for the future of Canada Post.

Canadians will be at the centre of the decisions we make. This review will provide the information and evidence Canadians and the Government require to make informed choices about the future of Canada Post.

The Review is being carried out in two phases.

In the first phase, a four-person task force collects information and prepares a discussion paper that presents viable options, costs and associated implications for Canada Post services. Françoise Bertrand (Quebec) has been named Chair of the task force. She is supported by task force members Marena McLaughlin (New Brunswick), Krystyna T. Hoeg (Ontario) and Jim Hopson (Saskatchewan).

The task force’s discussion paper forms the basis for the second phase—an informed public dialogue led by a parliamentary committee. This process allows members of Parliament from all political parties to engage with Canadians and their colleagues on this important topic.

Having benefitted from studying the task force’s options and hearing the views of the public and other stakeholders, the committee is expected to submit its recommendations to the Government by the end of 2016.

Public input is being sought throughout the review through a variety of channels including email, mail and social media. I encourage all Canadians to take part in this important discussion.

Canadians can keep informed and get involved throughout the Canada Post Review by visiting

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