PRESS RELEASE: In early 2016, Clever Samurai was given a challenge: how do you get Icynene Spray Foam Insulation to be top-of-mind with architects in the U.S. when sourcing for materials? After some head scratching and late night coffees, they came up with an idea. Nothing flashy and crazy, but a simple and insightful direct mail idea that communicates—architects are very proud of their designs.

“Direct Mail is never outdated if you’re able to change and adapt with the times. Advertising companies are using techniques to make a deeper impact with customers,” says Joe Amaral, vice president and creative director at Clever Samurai.

So believe what you want, but Clever Samurai doesn’t think direct mail is extinct, and they prove it with their most recent piece for Icynene—a spray foam insulation and air barrier system company.

To grab the architects’ attention they sent out tubes that contained personalized T-shirts that showcased their very own design excellence—each hand drawn and later printed onto shirts. Accompanying the design was a letter informing them that Icynene’s insulation solutions would help them bring their next design to life. The goal was to get architects to call Icynene to learn more prior to follow up calls by Icynene’s sales force.

This easily caught the attention of architects and caused an uproar. Icynene was a hit and was receiving nothing but positive feedback. Betsy Cosper, vice-president of marketing at Icynene says, “One of the architect firms loved the T-shirts so much that they would like to print some for their clients.”

This direct mail demonstrates that marketers today can maximize their creativity by using techniques that resonate with people, and enhance their overall brand within their marketing mix. Early indications are strong that the campaign will gain lots of traction. Recognized by and, consideration is now being given to a campaign targeting Canadian architects.


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