Contact ManagementCustomer ServiceMarch 2019 Issue

Using RPA to manage contact infrastructure

By Kelly Koelliker The hybrid workforce is a growing reality in today’s contact centre. By handling repetitive and mundane tasks, robots accelerate productivity and make it possible for back-and front-office employees, like contact centre agents, to spend their time on more substantial projects. By 2021, Forrester Research estimates there will …

Excellent ExecutionMarch 2019 Issue

Turning a mistake into success

By Todd Grossman What happens when a pricing error has the potential to become a PR nightmare? Hong Kong Airlines (HKA) had to find a fast answer to this question last August when online bargain-hunters noticed an astoundingly low price for one of its transpacific flights: too low, in fact, …

Applied AIContact ManagementMarch 2019 Issue

Elevating CX with AI

By David Chavez People are the fabric of every company, and the engagement and success of employees directly correlates to both business results and customer satisfaction. Companies that effectively use next-generation digital technologies, combined with human intelligence, including emotional intelligence, have greater prospects for higher customer-centricity, loyalty, employee fulfillment and …

Customer CentricityMarch 2019 Issue

The need for speed

By Elliot Sedegah The modern customer is voracious, constantly seeking out new content. As soon as one piece of content is consumed, they are busy clicking on the next, which needs to be served up immediately. This nonstop demand for content represents endless opportunities for brands to connect, delight, engage …