Data AnalyticsMarch 2019 Issue

Making sense of data trails

Geodemography can improve finding and contacting customers By Danny Heuman In an increasingly data-driven world, consumers leave trails of digital crumbs whenever they wander the Internet, wave their loyalty cards or charge something on credit. By collecting these data, organizations believe they will be better able to locate and reach …

Data AnalyticsMarch 2019 Issue

Canada’s hot 2019 data topics

By Scot Riches The Canadian Marketing Association’s (CMA) Insights Council kicked off 2019 with a lively discussion about trends and hot topics at a recent meeting. We debated what the data-driven Canadian marketer should be paying attention to in the year ahead. This energetic conversation with data scientists, strategists and …

Industry NewsMarch 2019 Issue

1:1 with Don Peppers

By Stephen Shaw In 1993 the interactive future seemed excitingly close. The World Wide Web had become freely available to the public at large. Services like Prodigy and Compuserve were already offering online subscribers dial-up access to a broad range of networked services. Then-U.S. vice president Al Gore earned notoriety …

AdvertisingMarch 2019 Issue

Making your brand voice heard

By David Ciccarelli In the new audio age that is upon us, are you ready for what the (near) future of voice-first technology has to offer? Given that by 2020, it’s projected that 30% of all web browsing will be done without the use of a screen1, the answer should …

Email MarketingList BusinessMarch 2019 Issue

E-mail Append 101

A quick and easy guide to grow your list By Greg Brown E-mail marketing is generally less expensive than traditional mail or telemarketing initiatives, often yielding a high response rate and a solid return on investment (ROI). Proven as direct and trackable, e-mail adds value by bolstering customer participation and …

Applied AIContact ManagementMarch 2019 Issue

Protect against the AI/chatbot backlash

By Tom Martin Forrester Research predicts a year of reckoning for artificial intelligence (AI) in 20191. The market research firm foresees a backlash against automated chatbots, which routinely exasperate customers searching for assistance. The high expectations placed on AI in customer service will also fall back to earth this year. …

Contact ManagementCustomer Relationship ManagementCustomer ServiceMarch 2019 Issue

How adding call-backs works wonders

By Shai Berger Today’s consumers have very high expectations when it comes to customer service in general and contact centres in particular. Providing superior service is critical, especially since “60% of consumers say they’ll drop a brand (even one they love) after just a few sub-par experiences.”1 A surefire way …

Contact ManagementMarch 2019 Issue

The three key innovation CX trends for 2019

By Stephen Loynd The customer experience (CX) team at Frost & Sullivan has seen three important innovation trends come across our desks in 2018, each of which has resulted in detailed white papers. We recommend that Canadian organizations examine each of them, as they will be impacting enterprise CX strategies …

AdvertisingApplied AIMarch 2019 Issue

How AI benefits advertising

By Sebastien Filion Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a mainstay in numerous industries globally, enabling more efficient manufacturing, safer transportation and faster problem-solving and data processing. While these practical applications are actively seen almost daily, AI is also being applied in ways we don’t see at first glance, namely …

Contact ManagementCustomer ServiceMarch 2019 Issue

Creating a high-value, digital-ready contact centre

By Rob Daleman Based on overall revenues and market size, the Canadian domestic contact centre market continues to face headwinds. IBISWorld recently reported that the Canadian telemarketing and contact centre industry shrank by -3.2% from 2014 to 2019 and it predicts additional declines through 20241. The continued slowdown in domestic …