EA Partners with Bell to Lead Growth in the Canadian Data and Analytics Sector

TORONTO–Environics Analytics has announce the acquisition of the firm by the firm’s long-time client Bell Canada. Founded in 2003, EA has become the leading provider of solutions for evidence-driven decision making to Canadian businesses and institutions. This new partnership will enhance and extend our mission to deliver data-driven tools and solutions that make our clients more successful and Canadians’ lives better through transformative data, insights and analytics.

EA will retain the EA brand – now known as Environics Analytics, a Bell Canada company – and will operate under our existing management structure and leadership team, supported by Bell.

A message from the company said:

“EA will continue to provide the full range of insights to all organizations who rely on our products and services – from demographics and segmentation to psychographic, behaviour and media preferences.

EA has been the connection between disparate data sources and execution tools through our extensive network of partners. This partner network – data providers, activation platforms and agencies – will remain the cornerstone of EA’s ability to ensure that data-driven insights can be used to help advertisers reach their intended audiences and we will continue to grow the network so that our data are actionable everywhere.

Canada is a relatively small market and the industry requires made-in-Canada solutions – solutions connecting insights to execution platforms that are unique to the Canadian media marketplace. EA will continue to link our solutions to all popular media platforms. Our current strategy to further expand the connections between insights and activation will continue.

EA has clients across many sectors, including financial services, retail, travel, telecommunications, media, automotive, government and small business, all of whom will benefit from the added support that Bell’s scope and scale will bring to EA.

As Canada continues its economic recovery from COVID-19, EA will fill data gaps using advanced modelling techniques and continue the movement started in the past year to more timely and frequent releases – data sooner and more often.

Bell has been an EA customer since 2004, leveraging PRIZM segmentation, DemoStats and a wide variety of behaviour databases to provide value to Bell Canada and Bell Media customers at different life stages and with different needs. In the soon to be “cookieless” world, connecting the right messages to the right audiences will become even more critical and yet more challenging – not just for marketers but also for the delivery of crucial social and economic programs.

With Bell’s investment, EA will enhance its programs that combine online and offline data and increase the pace of adding features to our privacy-compliant platforms. These efforts will make it easier for businesses, not-for-profits and governments, along with their agencies, to get the right messages to the right audiences at the right time based on our extensive data products.

This partnership with Bell provides EA with the support we need to grow and innovate at scale in 2021 and beyond.

We look forward to continuing to work with Environics Research, using their unique Social Values data as part of the PRIZM and ENVISION ecosystems.

The EA team of over 200 data scientists, software developers and marketing experts are excited to join Bell. We look forward to a period of rapid growth, innovation and new challenges. To our more than 1,000 customers and partners, we are thrilled to tell you about this exciting next step in our journey!”

More about this development coming

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