Adobe to open data science capabilities in Adobe Target, allows integration of brand algorithms with Adobe Sensei

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Today’s most successful brands already use data science to personalize experiences and address customer needs. Brands are increasingly building internal statistical models and algorithms to tailor experiences and yet most are not fully leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

To help with this, Adobe today announced it will open up its data science and algorithmic optimization capabilities in Adobe Target, the personalization engine of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Brands will be able to insert their own data models and algorithms into Adobe Target to deliver the best experience to customers. Additionally, the company announced new capabilities in Adobe Target powered by Adobe Sensei, its AI and machine learning framework, to further enhance customer recommendations and targeting precision, optimize experiences and automate the delivery of personalized offers.

“Consumer expectations have sky-rocketed to the point that hyper personalization is no longer optional for brands, it’s imperative,” said Aseem Chandra, vice president, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target. “Progressive brands are already developing proprietary algorithms. When integrated into Adobe Target, brands can combine their own expertise with the power of Adobe’s AI and machine learning tools to predict what customers want and deliver it before they ask, driving strong business value and brand loyalty.”

The ability to bring in proprietary algorithms into a leading marketing platform is a first for the industry

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. Brands benefit from the ability to blend their industry expertise with Adobe Sensei’s powerful machine learning and AI capabilities in Adobe Target to deliver individualized customer experiences at massive scale. For example, a financial services company that created its own algorithm to predict which customers are most likely to respond to an offer can insert that algorithm into Adobe Target to test live traffic against the model to deliver the best possible offer to each customer.

In addition, Adobe unveiled new Adobe Sensei capabilities in Adobe Target to delight customers with more personalized experiences:

  • One-click personalization: With the new Auto-Target capability, marketers can rapidly deliver an unlimited number of personalized customer experience variations across their digital properties including websites, apps and IoT user interfaces. Auto-Target uses Adobe Sensei to determine the best experience for each consumer and continuously optimizes those experiences as the consumer takes additional actions. For instance, a hotel chain can feature its tropical properties and content for a reward member, knowing the individual prefers to travel to warm destinations based on bookings and mobile app engagement. The result is higher engagement and increased loyalty.
  • Personalized recommendations: New recommendation technology in Adobe Target enables brands to leverage consumer intent to better predict what content and products customers might want next. Using techniques based on natural language processing, personalized recommendations convert the actions a consumer takes into word-like signals. These signals are grouped by commonality and used to deliver a more tailored customer experience. For example, a retailer can see that a customer watched its video on eco-friendly laundry techniques and purchased compostable dryer sheets. It can then provide a tailored recommendation about eco-friendly laundry detergents. Early test results show these data science advancements yield a 60 percent improvement over other algorithms.
  • Automated offers: Brands can ensure the best offer—out of potentially hundreds—is automatically shown to the right person at the right moment. For instance, a financial services company can automatically personalize its mortgage, credit card and online bill pay offers based on each individual’s browsing paths, account status, search terms and more. This ensures the correct offer is delivered at the right step in the journey.
  • Precision targeting: With the enhanced integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud, marketers can target more precisely by using behavioral analytics and audience data to inform deeper segmentation. For example, Adobe Target can personalize experiences to an automotive brand’s active car-buying audience even more by leveraging an insight from Adobe Analytics Cloud that indicates that most of these consumers are using smartphones to research their next vehicle purchase.

Adobe Target, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, has leveraged AI and machine learning algorithms for over a decade and is used by major brands worldwide like AT&T, Lenovo, Marriott and Sprint. Highly personalized experiences are leveraged across online channels, including web, mobile, email and more. With Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign marketers can seamlessly manage and deliver personalized content. Integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud ensures that every interaction with customers is hyper personalized. Adobe was recently named the only leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Digital Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2017” report, and received the highest scores possible in nine criteria, including behavioral targeting and online testing.

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