Today, CUPW and Canada Post negotiators met in the presence of the mediators. There was a very frank discussion of the differences between the parties

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. CPC provided CUPW with a letter outlining their response to the CUPW global offer which we presented on July 1, 2016. The Corporation did not reply in any great deal except to say that it was “disappointed” with the Union’s offer. Instead, the letter of the Corporation states that it will withdraw its June 25th global offer “in its entirety” at the expiry of any 72-hour notice provided by either party. This means that with the exception of the agreement on GPS and the use of Maximo, all agreements and initialled clauses will be null and void. This includes the agreement on householders and any progress made on parcel delivery and any other issue. Other than this threat, CPC had nothing to offer.

The NEB will meet to discuss this development.

Third mediator appointed

Guy Baron, Director General of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service has been appointed to join Sherri King and Audrey-Melissa Therrien who have been working with the parties for the past three months. The Mediators have been playing an active role assisting the parties.

Notification of 72-hour notice

Giving the resumption of negotiations, we are not filing a 72-hour notice. We will notify all members in the event that either the employer or the Union files the 72-hour notice.

CPC announces conditions of employment

Canada Post has provided CUPW with a description of the wages, benefits, and working conditions which they will impose should either party provide the 72-hour notice of a lock-out or strike. CUPW responded that we are determined to negotiate an agreement.

Thank you for your support

The Negotiating Committee wishes to thank all of the members for the tremendous outpouring of support for our efforts to negotiate with Canada Post. We cannot say when we will conclude an agreement, but with your continued support, we will negotiate until we are successful.

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