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Cognitive commerce is the new creative destruction for marketers

  Today’s rate and pace of technological innovation is blistering. In its wake entire industries are being tipped askew; some are converging, some emerging and others are being overtaken by new competitors. Just consider the impact of Uber’s mobile app business model on the taxi industry, or Airbnb’s online marketplace …

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Update on NAMMU’s work with Canada Post

Following the last Canada Post work stoppage in 2011, along with the abundance of new offerings, many advertisers moved budgets to digital. The industry experienced significant volume declines. Around the same time, the National Association of Major Mail Users (NAMMU) Board come to the conclusion that it needed to set a …

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Data is the essence of marketing

By now, most organizations know that the ability to understand what data means in a business context drives differentiation, competitive advantage and a fatter bottom line. And we’re generating and capturing more data than ever before, in structured and unstructured forms. All this data can overwhelm companies already managing thousands …

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Best practices for using data to unify your sales and marketing departments

Enterprise companies have come to rely on sales and marketing to drive innovation across organizations, which has compelled the two departments to work together more closely than ever before. Because sales and marketing teams haven’t always seen eye to eye, however, efforts to align them are often complicated. Aligning sales …

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Driving car sales with data-based market analytics

There are few tougher markets for selling new vehicles than Toronto. With its mix of young renters, culturally diverse suburbanites and wealthy older families, the Greater Toronto Area is very complex, hyper-competitive and much different from other parts of the country. No one knows that better than Jason Easton, General …

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Strained negotiations continue between CUPW, Canada Post

On April 4, 2016 Canada Post advised the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) that it had filed Notices of Dispute with the Minister of Labour in ongoing negotiations with CUPW-Urban and Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (RSMC). These notices ask the Minister to appoint a conciliator in each negotiation. …

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Operational upgrades to enhance your mailing productivity

Mail is vital to the smooth operation of any business. Sending mail in a timely fashion is important because it directly affects cash flow and new business generation as well as the quality of an organization’s relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. The speed and accuracy with which invoices, contracts, …

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Big Data analytics: Isn’t it still just analytics?

Tactics must evolve but the mission hasn’t changed As ‘Big Data’ continues to dominate discussions in the analytics space, along comes the notion of ‘Big Data Analytics’ to add confusion in the marketplace. If big data analytics warrants its own discipline, then its methodologies and approaches should be significantly different …

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Australia Post begins delivering small parcels by drone

Australia Post has begun to trial new technology to deliver small parcels by Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) or drone. This closed-field trial is an important next step in testing the new technology which will potentially deliver small parcels safely and securely to customers’ homes, allowing for faster transportation of time-critical …

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Data intelligence driving key decisions for market trailblazers

Intelligence: According to Merriam-Webster it’s “the ability to learn, understand or to deal with new or trying situations.” Intelligence is what market trailblazers like data centre giant Q9 and health benefits manager Express Scripts Canada have in massive proportions. Express Scripts is a Fortune 50 company with over $100 billion …