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B2B social media: More than just likes

Social media marketing is potentially more transformative for B2B than for B2C. What started as an experiment for marketing teams has increasingly become an integral part of marketing and sales strategy for B2C. Now B2B companies are increasingly using the popular social platforms as well. Why? B2B marketing tends to …

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comScore introduces mobile audience campaign reporting in Canada, UK

Launch enables more comprehensive measurement of campaign demographics and GRPs within comScore vCE RESTON, VA – comScore today announced the expansion of its mobile demographic reporting capabilities in validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®) to Canada and the United Kingdom. Through the addition of demographic data partners, including recently-added Spotify, this latest vCE …

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Five reasons your business needs an online community, not a LinkedIn group

It’s time to move to a platform that actually benefits your members I love LinkedIn for career networking but it’s a terrible platform for a community. Activity in a LinkedIn group tends to follow the traditional 90-9-1 participation model seen on other social networks: 90 percent lurker, nine percent contributor, …

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Contact centres as WFM data hubs

How insights gleaned in the contact centre can impact the entire organization Contact centres connect companies with clients, but buried beneath phone calls and email messages is a massive collection of data. This data is extracted through interactions with both customers and prospective clients. Not only is this data helpful …

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Putting the donor first with rich data and targeted tactics

  Mounting pressure on fundraisers to increase donations and support, an increasingly competitive environment and a trending sentiment that fundraisers are too aggressive all combine to create challenges that impact the effectiveness of campaigns. We’ve all witnessed campaigns that hit the jackpot and the message goes viral, attracting attention and …

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Fast food receipt surveys: Who completes them and why?

  Surveys are an effective method for business owners and marketers to receive feedback from customers. Knowing which products and services most excite your clientele helps you serve them more effectively, leading to repeat business and a healthier bottom line. What’s the best method for conducting these surveys? We’ve all …

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Big Data analytics: Isn’t it still just analytics?

Tactics must evolve but the mission hasn’t changed As ‘Big Data’ continues to dominate discussions in the analytics space, along comes the notion of ‘Big Data Analytics’ to add confusion in the marketplace. If big data analytics warrants its own discipline, then its methodologies and approaches should be significantly different …

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Four ways to personalize your marketing with Salesforce

In season one of Mad Men, executives from Lucky Strike enlist the creative team at Sterling Cooper to rebrand their cigarettes after the government makes it illegal to advertise that they’re safe. The men from Lucky Strike are concerned about what they can possibly say to customers to dissociate their …

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Find your optimal email marketing balance

A major charity recently asked me to give a “State of Marketing” address to their marketing team as part of their quarterly training and planning conclave. Over 35 marketing veterans and subject matter experts assembled and we all agreed that over the past five years digital marketing has undergone an …

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Why marketers should support the 2016 Census

Beginning this week, Canadians are being asked to complete the 2016 Census. And this census brings good news for businesses, consumers and citizens alike. You may recall that the mandatory long-form census was replaced by a voluntary survey for the 2011 Census. This move resulted in a non-response bias that …