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Winner: Songbird Marketing Communications

Songbird Principal and Founder Candace Huntly and her business partner Trevor Short.

Songbird Principal and Founder Candace Huntly and her business partner Trevor Short.

Sondbird Marketing Communications developed a two-part experiential strategy that was designed to target niche audiences in a short time period. An exclusive mixology event, food truck pairing and product trails were organized to educate customers and engage with influencers. Working with a limited budget, Songbird was able to deliver a truly memorable experience to a large crowd of target consumers. Their work also kickstarted a number of exciting opportunities for to showcase their products at future events.

The company is still very new, and so resources are naturally limited.

“Budget was definitely a challenge, and that really forces you to get creative with how you’re reaching out and who you’re reaching out to. I would say that was the biggest hurdle,” says Candace Huntly, principal and founder of Songbird.

When asked which aspect of this campaign she was most proud of, Huntly replied that she believes in viewing campaigns as wholes, rather than the sum of independent parts.

“A successful campaign is always something to be proud of,” she notes. “As a whole I am definitely proud of the campaign, just because it allowed me to get a little creative.”

Being acknowledged with the Experiential award is major validation for this young agency, and Huntly appreciated the platform that CAMP has offered her.

“What [CAMP founder] Nadine [Evans] has really done is given an opportunity for smaller agencies to be recognized,” says Huntly. “I don’t know if this was her goal, but I really see [CAMP] as being a platform for smaller agencies to be able to grow and grow with CAMP.”

Other finalists in this category: Art & Science and Rogers/Fido

This article originally appeared in the December 2015 issue of Direct Marketing.


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