Direct Mail

Direct mail in the digital age

Retail is rapidly changing—we see it all around us. Amazon is venturing into brick and mortar stores. Big boxes are wading deeper into e-commerce. Online retailers are mailing print catalogs. It seems like everywhere, brands are rethinking their business models and marketing strategies. Direct mail is right in the mix …

Excellent ExecutionIntegrated Payments

Integrated payments are changing business operations and the customer experience

In a world where customer needs are rapidly evolving, how will your organization remain accessible and relevant? One area not to overlook is how a business accepts payments. The successful operation of a business requires multiple systems to keep the back office organized, your front line humming and customers happy. …

Excellent Execution

The great data debate: Individual versus geodemographic

Why your customer data may not be enough   As an industry veteran committed to helping organizations leverage data to make better decisions, I am often reminded of the great Yogi Berra’s comment “It’s déjà vu all over again” when I hear marketers debate the benefits of individual versus geodemographic …


The Retail Supply Chain is Modernizing, 3 Impact Areas You Need to Act on Today

If you’re a brand manufacturer, your retailers are undercutting you and going right to the factories to make their own versions of what you sell. If you’re a retailer, your brands are going direct to the consumers and bypassing the retail supply chain. This isn’t new, but it still feels …


What you need to know about the future of e-commerce apps

The hard part about investing in app technology is knowing where to spend your dollars, deciphering if a new feature is a trend or a long-term asset and understanding your audience well enough to know what they want. Although we don’t have a crystal ball to see what the future …

Customer Centricity

Why data intelligence is the cornerstone of people-based marketing

The business to consumer (B2C) landscape is changing dramatically. Customers research or buy online but they also want to walk into a store to find inventory or call a contact centre to activate a service. This demand for a seamless online and offline customer experience is challenging B2C organizations and …