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Updates from the National Association of Major Mail Users (NAMMU)

NAMMU establishes new working groups with Canada Post NAMMU and Canada Post have established three ongoing working czommittees. The goal is to improve the competitiveness of the mail channel by focusing on product and process. Initially the committees will be focused on identifying friction points in the mail streams and …

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Postal Code Targeting Q&A

Janet Brearton and Mike Badour share the story behind Canada Post’s first new mail delivery product in 30 years DM: Congratulations on the launch of Postal Code Targeting (PCT)! What was the impetus for PCT?  How did you perceive the gap in the market and figure out what sort of …

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The future of flyers is digital… and print

There aren’t many universal consumer truths today, but here’s one: consumers love getting a deal. It’s rational, for sure: more money in your pocket. But there’s also a deep emotional connection to the feeling of getting great value. Almost nine in 10 Canadians report feeling proud about finding great value …

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Celebrating the best in direct mail

Even in this digital age, some of the most successful and persuasive marketing messages are anchored by direct mail (DM). The reasons are simple: Fused with digital messaging, DM has a unique ability to convince and convert. It can magnify your marketing mix by engaging your customer’s sense of sight, …

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Canada is now home to more seniors than children

The second wave of data from the 2016 Census covered the age-sex distribution of Canada’s population, dwelling types and the makeup of those living in group housing Age-sex structure Canada’s population continues to grow older and older. In 2016, half the population was over the age of 40. Furthermore, for …

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Five account-based marketing myths busted

  Account-based marketing (ABM) is a buzzword. Admit it. But are real companies thinking as much about their ABM strategy as the thought leaders, social influencers and vendors who are making all the noise? Absolutely. ABM provides a strategy for B2B companies who want to grow revenue by focusing on …

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Five soft skills of every great marketing professional

Although my undergraduate education was not in marketing, I’ve spent my entire career in the field, and have learned that my liberal arts education and the soft skills it helped me acquire really equipped me for success in my marketing journey. There are many hard skills you need in this …