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Contact centres as WFM data hubs

How insights gleaned in the contact centre can impact the entire organization Contact centres connect companies with clients, but buried beneath phone calls and email messages is a massive collection of data. This data is extracted through interactions with both customers and prospective clients. Not only is this data helpful …

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Putting the donor first with rich data and targeted tactics

  Mounting pressure on fundraisers to increase donations and support, an increasingly competitive environment and a trending sentiment that fundraisers are too aggressive all combine to create challenges that impact the effectiveness of campaigns. We’ve all witnessed campaigns that hit the jackpot and the message goes viral, attracting attention and …

Targeting and AcquisitionWorkforce Management

Twelve million solutions to building a sales-driven culture. One real story.

Twelve million, one-hundred thousand results, to be exact. That’s how many direct hits on sales culture best practices come up on Google in less than one second. It seems there are loads of solutions to the age-old problem of how to get sales people to sell more. Like the latest …


Be brave: Becoming a warrior for your charity

I’ve always tried. It’s just how I’m hardwired. From a very young age, I understood that in order to succeed I must try. In order to be known and understood, I must try. Without trying, there is little progress I could make. In this, I believe, has been my own …

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Pokémon GO: Tapping into augmented reality to drive location marketing

Since launching in July, Pokémon GO has become an international sensation—and has turned its creator, Niantic Labs, into a location marketing powerhouse for businesses that operate brick-and-mortar locations. The free augmented reality game that allows trainers to catch virtual Pokémon around them has become one of the most popular apps …

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Marketers see strong returns from financial data

When commercial real estate developer Cadillac Fairview wanted to redevelop its Sherway Gardens shopping mall in Toronto, it turned to WealthScapes. The financial database from Environics Analytics (EA) helped developers determine the disposable income of shoppers in the trade area, a crucial indicator for choosing what stores should be part …

Email MarketingFundraising

The formula for a successful email fundraising campaign

Email is one of the most important tools for fundraising today. But a successful fundraising campaign isn’t as easy as just hitting send and watching the money pour in. The dreaded spam folder can make or break even the greatest of email fundraising campaigns, causing organizations to lose thousands of …