Unlikely allies: How digital ushered in the new age of DRTV    

At first look, it’s hard to imagine two more diametrically opposed mediums than the young yet sophisticated upstart known as digital advertising, and the old school “loud and proud” world of DRTV. But looks can be deceiving. The truth is, not only do digital marketing and DRTV share a common …


Three steps to prepare for the future of e-commerce

  E-commerce companies today face different challenges from even five years ago. As mobile technology has become entrenched in every aspect of consumers’ lives, companies that rely on e-commerce to generate revenue must learn how to continue to grow in a world where e-commerce now stands for “everywhere commerce.” As …

LettershopSector Report

Sector report: Lettershops

  Lettershops have long been the overworked, underappreciated workhorses of the direct mail industry. Direct marketers love to talk about the data, about the creative and then, hopefully, about the results but, though any good marketer understands that the magic is in the details, that final step before a campaign …

Direct MailFundraisingIn the Mail

Canada Post’s lists help Quebec charity increase average donation by 30%

Combining Personalized Mail with sociodemographic data results in a winning campaign for Montreal’s Old Brewery Mission The Old Brewery Mission in Montreal has been on the front lines of the quest to end homelessness for more than 125 years. To continue its work through this century, the storied organization needed …

Customer Personas

How to drive action by understanding influencer personas

Nobody likes to waste money. In today’s digital age, brands should be able to avoid this by prioritizing solutions that allow them to hyper-target personas. Personas are generalized representations of your target customers. Having a firm grasp of your personas helps with everything from customer acquisition to retention for your …

Data Analytics

Seven interview hacks to identify data analytics pros

  Big data isn’t a new phenomenon and isn’t going anywhere either. Companies are investing heavily in analytics programs and using data to make big business decisions. Therefore, more and more employers are looking to hire people with strong data analytics skills, but with all of the unique job titles …

Email MarketingExcellent Execution

Subscriber engagement: The new key to reaching the inbox

  Loyal, engaged customers are the lifeblood of any business—the repeat buyers, the brand enthusiasts, the unpaid spokespeople for your company. But there’s another important benefit to having loyal customers, beyond the steady stream of revenue they provide. They can also help to ensure that your email messages reach the …

Customer Personas

Out of many, one view of the customer

TELUS’ unified segmentation system drives culture shift   As one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies, TELUS offers a wide range of products and services, including wireless, data, Internet, voice, entertainment, video, television and healthcare technology. Over the years, many of its divisions had developed their own segmentation systems to target …

Customer Centricity

ABM brings customer centricity to B2B marketing

For those of us in business-to-business marketing, 2016 was the year of account-based marketing (ABM) and the din has only grown louder in 2017. It’s the hottest trend in B2B marketing today and it’s impossible to avoid the onslaught of ABM experts, events, tools and techniques. Amid the hype of …


Shopping lessons learned from 2016

In 2016, consumer retail shopping unveiled several trends that brands will want to consider as they plan their strategies for the rest of 2017, particularly for the important fourth-quarter holiday shopping season. It’s important to devise and test some strategies earlier in the year, when there is still time to …