Excellent ExecutionMobile Marketing

Two tweaks that will win mobile consumers

The buyer’s journey has become quite complicated as consumers jump from device to device throughout the day. Marketers are looking for new ways to reach consumers where they are—mobile or desktop—and for more opportunities to engage. In an effort to reach consumers where they are, marketers build a complex mix …

Email Marketing

Boost your email marketing ROI with call and text tracking

It’s no secret that marketers now need to account for how each tactic and channel contribute to business growth. If they aren’t, they are selling themselves short. Email marketing is no exception—time and budgets invested into email acquisition and retention programs must deliver measurable results. The good news is that …

E-commerceEngagement & Analytics

How smartphone numbers can help e-commerce retailers improve their marketing

Gathering customer phone numbers and advertising their own phone numbers are two points rarely on the radar for marketers in e-commerce, yet both offer additional solutions to the main challenges for marketers: driving traffic to the website, increasing the number of conversions from browsing, preventing cart abandonment and remarketing. If …

Engagement & AnalyticsSocial Media

B2B social media: More than just likes

Social media marketing is potentially more transformative for B2B than for B2C. What started as an experiment for marketing teams has increasingly become an integral part of marketing and sales strategy for B2C. Now B2B companies are increasingly using the popular social platforms as well. Why? B2B marketing tends to …