Data AnalyticsEngagement & Analytics

Converting analytics into insights and insights into sales

It doesn’t take a genius to come up with one simple insight that can be applied to solve a client’s biggest marketing problem. Or, maybe it does. Joe Amaral is vice president and creative director at Canadian marketing and communications agency, Clever Samurai ( Amaral has won just about every …


A novel way to drive loyalty

Hint: Focus on creating products that somebody would actually buy “The demand has been so strong for our new launch products, there’s no question we could’ve sold more,” said Kurt McNeil, General Motors’ vice president of sales operations. According to GM, its retail sales are up more than one per cent …

Data Analytics

Data intelligence driving key decisions for market trailblazers

Intelligence: According to Merriam-Webster it’s “the ability to learn, understand or to deal with new or trying situations.” Intelligence is what market trailblazers like data centre giant Q9 and health benefits manager Express Scripts Canada have in massive proportions. Express Scripts is a Fortune 50 company with over $100 billion …

Direct MailTargeting and Acquisition

High-value direct mail generates huge response for unlikely products

Spray foam insulation gets a sexy makeover; moving big rigs with postcards   If you were to ask Betsy Cosper, vice president marketing at Icynene, if direct mail generates excitement for her business, she would say “absolutely. And, who knew this could happen to spray foam?” Cosper, an experienced marketing …

Customer Relationship ManagementEngagement & Analytics

CRM is much more than software

50% failure rate acknowledges something is VERY wrong There are many fortunes being made on the purchase, licensing and consulting associated with CRM implementations. Big brands in the category like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite all promise great riches for their customers after heavy IT investments, training and database deployments. …