AIIM has changed its name from Avant Imaging & Information Management Inc. to Avant Imaging & Integrated Media Inc., but the management emphasizes that this is not a rebrand.

In an open letter to marketers, CEO Mario Giorgio and President Frank Giorgio explain how the change was driven by the evolution of the industry and the expanded array of solutions that AIIM now offers: “As business has evolved over the last 25 years, so has AIIM… AIIM has built a strong business foundation based on the industry’s best practices and technologies in the hands of craftsmen… To accurately reflect the solutions that AIIM provides today and in the future, we’ve changed our name.”

“Over the past 10 years we have been developing a lot of proprietary software and solutions for our customers,” explained Mario Giorgio in a subsequent interview. These services now include AIIM • VICI MAP, a fully variable custom mapping application that allows marketers to use individualized maps within a printed piece; AIIM • 1:1, an integrated marketing solution that leverages clients’ CRM database; AIIM • CONNX, a cross-media solution that can manage the global production and fulfillment of a wide range of marketing materials from a central location; AIIM • SMART STATEMENTS, a highly personalized communication experience to maximize reader participation and response; and more.

In 2014 AIIM acquired Ricoh Document’s Aurora print facility, and General Manager Mark Phillips explains that the subsequent expansions to their document management and direct mail services set the process leading up to this name change in motion.

“We believe that AIIM offers more value than simply playing in the supply chain and putting ink on paper,” says Phillips. “We have a lot of non-traditional solutions that go above and beyond what a traditional printer would bring to the marketplace, but we needed to bring that message to a bigger audience… outside of the traditional customer group that we were focused on. We didn’t want to lose sight of our strong history in print, but rather strengthen that history with value-adds.”

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Sarah O'Connor

Sarah O'Connor

Sarah O'Connor is the editor of Direct Marketing magazine.

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