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Digital Reverting to Direct? ‘Outcome-Driven Media’ Surges as Digital Media Results More Difficult

New Survey Reveals Majority of North American Marketers Plan Increase in ‘Outcome-Driven Media’ as Evaluating Effectiveness of Digital Media Investments Becomes More Difficult Over the Past Five Years Findings show large majority of digital marketers are using at least one custom KPI easily linking digital media spend with measurable business …

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Poll reveals what clothing Canadians are purchasing online vs. in-store

Canadians Prefer Shopping Online for Clothing and Accessories TORONTO– Whether a shopper’s favourite season is winter, spring, summer or fall, stocking their wardrobe to keep up with Canada’s ever-changing weather conditions can be a costly feat. According to a recent poll, 50 per cent of Canadians cite summer as …

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Cyber Monday emails sent day-of drive higher conversions despite spike in email volume

Data: Cyber Monday Emails Generate Highest Average Conversion Rate among All Holiday-themed Messages Cyber Monday emails sent in 2017 generated the highest average conversion rates (purchase per click) among all holiday emails (9.8 percent), confirming Cyber Monday’s significant potential as a purchase driver. In its 2018 Holiday Marketing Guide, ( …

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Data: More than half of consumers ignore retailer emails

Many marketing emails are ignored even though nearly half of consumers rank email as their preferred channel for marketing communications Despite 47 percent of consumers ranking email as their preferred channel for brand communications, over half (55 percent) ignore marketing emails due to inbox overload, according to a new study …

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Canadian marketers not keeping pace with disruption, according to study

Traditional tactics prove hard to abandon despite a radically altered environment TORONTO–New research shows that Canadian marketers have been slow to respond to new business and brand reputation realities. According to new data from CMO Lab, a joint research project from APEX Public Relations, ruckus Digital and Maru/Blue, more than …

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Digital Economy Survey: Digitalization transforming the ways that Canadians buy, consume and sell

OTTAWA–Statistics Canada released data from the Digital Economy Survey, the first of its kind in Canada. The survey was conducted in June and July 2018. The data collected is being used to fill important data gaps about Canadians’ activities and participation in the digital economy. The release sheds light on …

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How “Dad-Bloggers” bring direction change to marketing

The “Social Media Influencers” include an overlooked segment: Dads by James Smith The self-titled ‘Social Media Influencers’ have created their own generational niche. For the most part, they’re attractive young women, who have honed the art of looking slightly away from the camera and having an incredible time. While they …

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Six Canadian innovators to lead roundtable discussions on digital, data innovation

OTTAWA–New technology has transformed the way we access information, shop, live, socialize and work. On June 19, the Government of Canada launched a national consultation on digital and data transformation. The Canada-wide consultation will help the government understand how Canadians want to drive innovation in a data economy, prepare for …

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Time’s Up: Can Ad Agencies Put the Past Behind Them?

By Stephen Shaw Now that customer experience trumps media advertising, brands need marketing partners who will help them think differently. To stay in the game, ad agencies will need to reinvent themselves. “It is the work of advertising to make customers – not just sales.” – Magazine Ad for N.W. …

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E-commerce sales boosted by direct mail, says 2017 IPC Cross-border E-commerce Shopper Survey

Ottawa–According to the last edition of the IPC Cross-border E-commerce Shopper Survey, half of regular cross-border online consumers have received direct mail from an e-retailer, and 44 percent of these consumers made an online purchase as a result. In the survey, almost 29,000 respondents were asked whether they received direct …